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The Marketing Playbook: The Gen Z Special

In 2019, Gen Z outnumbered millennials, making up 32% of the world's 8 billion-person population.

Born at the turn of the century, between the years of 1997 - 2012, Gen Z, better known as the digital natives, are no longer the future consumers but the present. As entrepreneurs, it is crucial to understand they form a significant part of the target market for most brands and have one of the highest digital market penetration growth rates recorded.

In fact, with the Internet age already at its proverbial heights, they have been born into high-range stimulation, making them some of the most engaging customers.

Nonetheless, the question stands - how can you market to Generation Z?

1. Short-Form Content

Although they have a higher consumption power, the sheer amount of content they are exposed to daily is overwhelming. As such, they are specifically partial to short-form content in all mediums, whether it is video-based platforms like TikTok or bite-sized news in InShorts.

In a crux, all Gen Z targeted content should leverage such popular short-form mediums and deliver maximum utility with minimum effort and viewing time. For example, while posting video content, the ideal time frame according to Hootsuite is somewhere between 7-15 seconds.

2. Reformation

Gen Z is far more open-minded and accepting of human differences, faults, and shortcomings. They believe firmly in the idea of equity for all and, as such, are huge supporters of change. For example, “The Talk” campaign by P&G or “Proud Parent” by Oreo were all major hits due to the sensitive social issues they spoke about.

As such, aligning and highlighting a social cause your organization stands for and supports or breaking stereotypes such as racism, sexism, etc., can go a long way.

3. Interests and personas:

Recently a study revealed that the interest and primary persona definers of Gen Z can be classified into seven major segments namely, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, World Changers, Digital Natives, Fashionistas, Gamers, and Adventurers.

The key to cracking marketing to Gen Z is understanding the kind of buyer persona you want to attract, the kind you currently do, and then formulating a marketing strategy to change the above.

Our pro tip: Hashtag and early trend discovery go a long way. Multiple apps such as Trend Hunter, Trends, and TrendTok help find the same.

To conclude, marketing to Gen Z is an amalgamation of understanding the buyer persona, actively identifying trends, and practicing socialistic capitalism alongside highlighting the same through various mediums.

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I completely agree with you about the “short content”, I am the owner of the YouTube channel myself, and not so long ago I completely switched to short videos. In the videos that I learned to record using screen record with sound on Mac, I show my work as a programmer. The audience reach is much greater than if I had posted a full-fledged video on my channel.

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