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How to create 55+ content pieces from 1 video clip?

In a world dominated by Be-Real, Instagram, and Tik Tok, businesses have adopted click first, enjoy later. Goodwill and business relationships are now built over social media comments, shares, and follows rather than cups of coffee.

Nonetheless, why do certain businesses trend while others struggle to get even two-three likes on their content? In a realistic, consumer-oriented, volume-centric world, consistency and relatability win the war.

Consistency in aesthetics, type of content, and regularity of posting require more than just a thinking cap. After ideation, the biggest challenge is maintaining the posting and content creation schedules. How do veterans like Gary Vaynerchuck create and post 60+ content pieces DAILY across several channels?

Even if entrepreneurs somehow found the extra hours in the day, with limited resources, most don't have the required marketing budgets to create 60 individual pieces of content daily!

The solution - Repurpose! Create multiple pieces of content from a single video. But where do you begin? Here are a couple of ideas:

1. Quote Tweets:

Pick up small, impactful soundbites, create gifs, or even repost as text-based tweets.

Then take a screenshot/screen recording of the tweet and repost it on Instagram and Facebook. In case it is professional in nature, add LinkedIn to the mix too!

Tally: Assuming a minimum of three quotes on all four channels, the tally is already up by 13, including the original video.

2. Instagram Reels:

Similarly, cut your content into impactful snippets of information of 10-15 seconds each, ideally. Resize the videos into the suggested ratios for Youtube Shorts, Instagram, and TikTok. Repost!

Pro tip: To repurpose content in such a manner, it is necessary that before you record the original video, you structure your information into points or questions to improve their quality as stand-alone pieces of relatable content.

Tally: Assuming another minimum of four small clips on all three channels, the total tally is now up to 25 pieces of content.

3. Podcast:

Extract the audio, clean up the file with free tools such as AudioDirector, and post it as a podcast episode on Spotify, Audible, and Apple Podcasts! Then reshare and promote the episode with a link across all social media channels.

Tally: Assuming we post the podcast on all three channels and share the links across 4-5 socials, the total tally rises to 37 pieces of content!

4. Blogs:

Turn the same bits of information in the video into a blog or a series of blogs. Publish the above on your website, LinkedIn, and Medium.

Pro tip: Screenshot quotes, headings, or relatable blurbs and post on all relevant socials with a link to the blog published on your website.

Tally: Assuming one blog is published on all three channels and two screenshots shared the links across five socials, we have now published 50 pieces of content!

5. Throwback and Repost:

Pick any post that received a lot of engagement or above-than-average views, take a screenshot, and repost it as a throwback on stories and posts across all relevant channels.

Tally: Assuming just one repost, across five channels, we now have 55 content pieces!

The rest of the article or content breaks down the issue and provides a resolution with actionable tips.

Hence, with just one 5-minute video, you can make a minimum of 50+ pieces of content. Imagine what you could do with a 30 mins long clip. The best part, irrespective of your budget, there are tons of free tools to help you with the above!

At Plethora, we specialize in delivering out-of-the-box solutions within tight budgets. Working with SMEs and early-stage startups exclusively has equipped us with an understanding of industry and budget unique problems, alongside an ability to solve them without tearing the envelope!

Reach out to us today!

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