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The Upcoming Graphic Design Trends in Thailand in 2023

With 77.8 percent of the total population of Thailand on the internet, the digital growth has been tremendous over the past decade. It is such 54.50 million individuals that have forced even the most traditional businesses to explore digital planes to ensure their survival.

The question of the hour then becomes, how can you capture the consumer's attention in a sphere dominated by far more information than an individual can even imagine comprehending?

The answer: Graphic Design. When executed properly, graphics help you distinguish your brand and products from your competitors while breaking through the white noise marketing avenues that have evolved into today.

Here are some of the upcoming trends in Graphic Designing in Thailand, which we expect only to mushroom in 2023:

1. Typography Focals

The last quarter of 2022 saw a rise in the use of typography in entertainment, advertisements, and all relative forms of branding. Whether it is apple or your local ASOS & Nike, everyone seems to be obsessed with Typographic graphic designs.

2. 3D Effects & Elements

With 61.1 percent of the total population on Youtube, a pure videography platform, the rise of third-dimensional technology in graphic designing hardly comes as a surprise. Known for making elements 'pop' in several brands including, Cafe Amazon, it is a perfect fit for breaking through the clutter.

3. Bright Colour Palettes

Gone are the day of muted tones and pastel backgrounds, brands ranging from the Big C to EST Cola, everyone seems to be rushing to jump on the high-energy wagon. If positivity and passion are values you want to associate with your brand aesthetic, a bright color palette is the way to go.

4. Hand-Drawn Illustrations & Elements

A whimsically playful hand-drawn illustration helps add personality and character to your brand's marketing efforts while creating relativity. A quintessential example is the Thai peanut industry giant KohKae which brought a light-hearted yet, positive touch through its custom illustration.

To conclude, in a dynamic marketing landscape, trends often keep evolving and need to be strategically adapted in alignment with the underlying brand association goals.

At Plethora, our team of experts believes in deep-diving and defining your unique needs and wants before utilizing the multiple tools of graphic designing, content marketing, and motion graphics to help you achieve your marketing objectives.


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