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The Marketing Playbook: The Gen X Factor

The perfect blend of baby boomers and millennials, the forgotten generation of Gen X is sandwiched between the much larger segments of baby boomers and millennials. After spending a technology-free childhood, this generation slowly adopted the same in their 20s post the internet boom.

Hence, they might be a fairly tech-friendly generation, yet a few substantial clicks away from the contemporary genius of the millennial. Presently aged between 42-57, they are in their prime spending years. With successful careers, settled families, and high disposable incomes, Gen X is one of the most lucrative segments present today.

Experiencing significant events such as the cold war, civil rights movements, Y2K crisis, and more, a typical Gen Xer is categorized as a brand loyal, family-oriented, financially responsible adult.

But the question remains, how can you market your product to a Gen X member?

1. Collaboration of mediums:

Due to the 15-year age range, this generation usually relies equally on online and offline mediums for consuming information. That is to say, they may use social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Youtube, and Facebook to stay connected socially but also are early risers who subscribe to offline newspaper copies and read the same religiously.

In such cases, running two campaigns might be beneficial with Uber as one of the best examples. They primarily launched a traditional campaign that targets segments that rely more on offline platforms to create awareness through billboards, newspapers, television, etc. This was followed by a digital campaign to target the tech-friendly counterparts and guide customers through the benefits and dominate the consideration phase.

2. Security:

With a high value for security and stability, the values of trust often play an important role in Gen Xer’s final decision-making. The strong family ties, only provide proof of the above.

Providing value-adding content, testimonials, and digital reviews is one of the best ways to establish trust and cultivate an engaging audience for your brand. Such reviews also help support the digital review in the consideration stage of the buyer journey. One of the leading examples is Amazon which has earned a reputation as one of the most trustworthy digital vendors globally.

3. Rewards and loyalty benefits:

The ‘lost generation’ is a little like the baby boomers when it comes to brand loyalty, once earned they have extremely high customer lifetime values.

As such offering discounts to first-time buyers and rewards on repeat purchases or loyalty programs like Amazon Prime does through various mediums such as free priority delivery, shows, music access, special discounts, etc. can go a long way.

At Plethora IT, we help our clients develop diverse strategies that leverage various mediums for delivering high-quality leads as well as conversions. Still, feeling lost?

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