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Logo redesign: Does your brand need a makeover?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

A logo is one of the most crucial aspects of your brand identity and is far more than just the visual representation of your brand. While some brands like Nike and Shell did not have to rethink their logo design much, there were some like Instagram, Google, and Coca-Cola that underwent several modifications over the years. 

Logo redesigning can be defined as the modification of existing designs to match up with the latest trends, customer expectations, or progressive shifts in your business. In this article, we shall discuss some top brands that tweaked their logo design as per their unique business requirements. We shall also talk about whether you should go ahead with the idea of rebranding your logo or not. Stay with us and keep reading. 

How can logo redesign benefit your business?

Trends like minimalism, negative space, line art, and others are gaining a lot of popularity these days and many young brands are looking forward to utilizing these designs while crafting their logos. For all these cases, you can decide to move towards logo redesigning. But it does not mean that it’s indispensable for you to do the same as every brand is unique and so are its values and business requirements. 

However, it is essential that your logo adjusts and adapts to the changing times to grasp audience attention better. To put it clearly, it’s generally a strong merit for any brand if its logo is fundamentally flexible and open to refreshing changes. You can always stand out of the crowd by upgrading your business identity in accordance with present industry trends. People will start visualizing your brand as an entity that desires to keep up with positive transformations and looks forward to growth and development. 

Logo redesigning can be a viable option for businesses that want to expand, brands that have changed their mission, or businesses that are planning to interact with a new audience. 

Let’s further discuss some of the top brands that have efficiently refreshed the look and feel of their brand logo. 

1. Amazon

Amazon logo redesign

E-commerce giant, Amazon, rebranded its logo lately. Earlier, its logo showcased a shopping trolley that appeared, kind of, mainstream. The current logo shows an arrow stretching from A to z that depicts the fact that they sell everything ranging from A to Z. The arrow looks like a smile and was designed to incite a sense of excitement and joy and to suggest the point that customers can have a happy experience while shopping at the platform. It is commendable how Amazon redesigned its logo to best describe its progressive visions and values. 

2. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola logo redesign

Coca-Cola’s logo is world-famous but did you know that it has evolved over several years, starting back from 1887? Yes! The logo witnessed many transitions since the first version was introduced. However, it has always been a wordmark logo. But to promote positivity and change, it has refreshed its logo appeal many times. 

Think of the latest redesign that took place a few months back. Earlier, the logo on Coke cans was placed in the middle. But the wordmark has now shifted to the top of cans, symbolizing and celebrating the uplifting spirit of the brand. Coca-Cola has always managed to tap into popular trends via its smooth logo redesigning. No wonder its visual identity has always impressed audiences! 

3. Windows

Windows logo redesign

Microsoft’s Windows also witnessed several changes in the logo design over the years. As Microsoft issues a new Windows version, there comes a new logo too. While the Window 3.1 version depicted a  window with four panes and a black frame, the latest logo showcases a streamlined Segoe blue-colored logo. Every time Windows changed its logo, it drew its inspiration from the original idea of showcasing a window that offers new perspectives. All new logo designs were symbols of ‘newness’ that Windows tried to introduce with its new versions. 

Top tips for redesigning a logo

Logo redesigning should be a well-thought decision. The logo changes should be meaningful and should be directly related to your business values, mission, and vision. 

The new logo design should clearly reflect your brand’s personality even if it undergoes a myriad of modifications. Here are some tips to ace logo redesign: 

  1. Consider retaining some elements from the previous design. For instance, when Pizza Hut redesigned its logo, it made sure to keep the red color to induce hunger and excitement in its customers. Make sure to revamp your logo in a way that reflects your business value clearly. 

  2. Always keep the logo customer-centric. Make sure that your audience is able to associate with it. Visualize the idea before actually implementing it. In case, your audience fails to recognize your logo or miscomprehended it, your brand may be portrayed in a negative light. 

Get in touch with our content and design team to discuss and implement the best logo redesign ideas for your brand and stay on top of brand identity. 

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