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Industry Case Study: SEO at Edelweiss

Edelweiss, a small local bakery in Florida was struggling to stay afloat in 2022. The pandemic shortfall, rising competition, and a growing brand visibility concern had led to low online and offline orders.

Reaching out to Semrush, a prominent social media analytics software expert, they were paired with Why SEO Serious, an international SEO agency. The agency broke the primary problem statement into three parts:

1. Low SEO score and complex user journey.

2. Lack of relevant educational content.

3. Outdated E-commerce setup.

After spending 900+ hours on the project and employing 50+ tools, they came up with the following solutions and suggestions.

1. Core SEO Optimization

The agency started with a detailed competitor analysis and thorough SEO audit to better understand the current online and offline competitors and their strategies.

They also identified the industry leaders to analyze what set them apart from the crowd. Moreover, they discovered a profound mismatch between the meta descriptions and landing pages, alongside an outdated homepage and Google My Business profile.

As such, they redesigned the current website's homepage and restructured the sections offered to improve UX. They also added and updated the relevant meta tags, meta descriptions, and Google My Business profile to match the taste and expectations of the bakery's target audience.

Moreover, they delivered a relevant strategy to analyze and improve the backlink contribution to build credibility in the market and on search engine algorithms.

2. Blogs:

With the internet boom in a consumer-centric society, the one question that transcends industries is, 'What are you offering the consumer?'

With increasing competition, the complexity of the answer continues to rise. Consumers are expecting more with every passing day in all walks of life.

As such, the agency concluded that finding industry-relevant topics and delivering impactful SEO-optimized content will help Edelweiss get discovered while expanding its target audiences.

3. E-commerce Revamp:

To improve purchase potential, the agency designed a new mockup for a verbose E-commerce section with product categorizations, cards, and aesthetic view sections, all of which were missing earlier.

They also added relevant tools to the section to help Edelweiss analyze its performance periodically to help Edelweiss keep track of its progress and shortcomings.

It took the team of 15+ experts nearly four months to implement all changes, by when the organic traffic was already up by 214%. Within seven months, the mobile organic traffic grew by 460%, and the bakery started ranking on the first page for most keywords it chose, some even in the Top 3 results.

As a marketing agency, the above case study was more than numbers, rankings, and SEO insights. It was also an amazing example of pure commitment and the results of gaining an in-depth understanding of a client's needs.

Much like Why SEO Serious, we understand that each client is as unique as their needs, and so are the solutions they need. At Plethora, we offer solutions that are tailored to your business needs and backed by market research, case studies, and analytical strategies.

After all, we are in the business of delivering results! Want to revamp your digital presence? Reach out to us today!


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