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The Tricky World of Influencers – Are They Right For Your Business in 2020?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Unless you have been living under the rock, your social media feed is full of influencers trying to ‘influence’ your opinion about countless products and services.

As a digital marketing agency, we are strong advocates for influencer marketing especially for brands that know how to take complete advantage of this marketing tool.

But, before you head out to create an influencer marketing strategy for your brand, you need to make sure influencer marketing is right for you.

Question 1: Does Your Product Need to Target People’s Lifestyles?

The best way to know if influencer marketing is beneficial for the kind of brand you own is by asking yourself a few key questions. Let’s discuss these questions in this section to find out if you should spend your marketing budget on influencers.

Question 1: Does Your Product Need to Target People’s Lifestyles?

You have got to know how popular your product or niche is in the market. Your target audience should be very much interested in the product. Does owning your product provide your audience with a special feeling they’d like to share with one another? If the answer is yes, you should definitely include influencer marketing in your marketing strategy.

Question 2: Is Your Brand Design Professional and Marketable?

People like to do business with brands that are professional in how they carry themselves. You must make sure all your brands design basics are right so that people can expect a compelling product delivery. Not just that, a professional product and brand design enables customers to recognize your brand. Influencers, then, will be more comfortable selling your products as well.

Question 3: How Active are you on Social Media Channels?

Your influencer marketing endeavors will not gain any shape if you have a poorly set up social media for your brand. We highly recommend optimizing your social media profiles for maximum influence. Also, there’s no need to be on every channel. Figure out where your target audience spends most of its time and target those channels only. Influencer marketing is highly successful, especially on the Internet. If your target audience is not on social media, you should drop the idea of using influencer marketing.

Question 4: Does Your Niche have Influencers You Can Use?

This is an important question as well. Your influencer marketing strategy will not make any sense if your niche doesn’t have any influencers in the first place. What this means is that your niche isn’t that popular. But, if you are determined to get on the influencer marketing bandwagon, you can always search for micro-influencers that have decent engagement and make them promote your products.

Question 5: Do You Face Tough Competition in the Market?

If your brand has many competitors in the market, you must make good use of influencer marketing to gain an edge over them. If you can come in contact with highly popular influencers and make them sign a long-term deal with your brand, you are pretty much set. People like to buy from people they know and this basic instinct of humans will help you beat your competition.

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