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The AI avalanche has just begun

I recently attended the Seven Peaks event titled ‘GenAI Unwrapped: Innovation, Challenges and Investment Insights.’

It was a very well-rounded panel discussion where Khun Arpaporn from Microsoft gave us insights into what is happening at Microsoft, Azure, and OpenAI, which is inarguably the epicentre of the whole AI movement.

Ashu Bhatia from Accenture provided insights on how AI is currently being implemented at large corporates, consulting organizations, and sales functions.

The panel was moderated by the ever-energetic Tiwa York, who brought in the perspectives of being an entrepreneur, an angel investor, and an AI enthusiast.

The panel had nuanced discussions about a variety of AI-pertinent topics, including what's happening at Accenture and OpenAI, about privacy, governance and intellectual property, choosing the right AI tool, alignment, hallucinations, visibility of value creation, and how the true potential of AI lies in solving B2B problems.

But within the entire discussion, there was one comment that the panelists made in passing that has stuck with me throughout the whole week, and that was the fact that ChatGPT 3.5 was unveiled to the public eye less than a calendar year ago. That brings into perspective how new the technology still is and how drastically it has already started changing how industries react.

What further emphasizes the breakneck speeds at which this industry is moving is the fact that in just one week since I attended the Seven Peaks event, OpenAI has had its first dev conference where they announced a whole slew of new features, and in his typical fashion, Elon Musk has announced a strangely named ‘Grok’, which is his own competitor for ChatGPT.

The point I guess I'm trying to make in this video is that despite all the news and hype that you see around AI, especially GenAI, it is still a fairly new technology in the hands of the masses. There's still going to be a lot of successes and failures that happen in this industry before the whole technology matures.

So brace yourselves for a crazy, crazy ride.

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