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How to Choose the Right Logo Color for Your Brand

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

A Forbes article states that a signature color can improve brand recognition by 80%.

Ever wondered why KFC, Netflix, and Coca-Cola chose red for themselves while Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel preferred black? These brands stand successful in solidifying their colors in our minds as they know it for a fact that colors are more than just visual aids and evoke a multitude of emotions. Choosing the right palette helps you establish your unique brand identity. Logo colors are beyond aesthetic appeal and are crucial for communicating your brand values to your audience in the right ways. 

Hence, comprehending the psychology of colors is essential for building an efficient brand image. In this article, we shall discuss some of the best logo colors and how you can select the right one for yourself.

Carl Jung Logo Quote

Logo colors and meanings - Each color has its own message!

When it comes to building brand popularity, colors have tremendous power to elicit emotions and various behavioral responses from consumers. 

Let’s take a close look at some of the popular colors leveraged in logo designing and their meanings.

Drive passion with RED

Red Colored Logos

Red symbolizes passion, courage, warmth, urgency, and excitement. You must have observed that retail shops generally use red for showcasing their sale offer. Same is the case with news channels when it comes to reporting some breaking news. In fact, most of the ‘call to action’ buttons are also red. Red hues prompt you to act immediately. Thanks to the attention-grabbing and bold nature of the color, it is used significantly in the news and media industry. Some of them being CNN, BBC News, YouTube, and several others.

Red logo color is also a popular choice in the food industry as well. Pizza hut and Burger King have red in their logos. Being stimulating in nature, red revs up your appetite and draws you towards these eateries. Red can be a suitable option for you in case you’re a food servicing brand or a media entity.

Build trust with BLUE

Blue Logo Colors

Blue stands for trust, calm, and loyalty. Institutions like wealth firms, investment firms, banking, insurance, and others generally utilize blue for their logo as it invokes a sense of reliability, tranquility, and security. 

PayPalAmerican Express, KPMG are some of the leading institutions that possess a blue color logo. Blue is also used predominantly by healthcare and wellness providers as it has a calm and healing emotion attached to it. All in all, blue helps your brand highlight itself as responsible and trustworthy and can be your go-to color. 

Be an epitome of elegance with BLACK

Black colored logos

Black portrays power, authority, sophistication, and finesse. Be friends with it if you want to project yourself as luxurious, modern, and glamorous. For instance, black color logo also forms a part of popular luxury brands such as Gucci and Prada

Having close associations with strength and power, black is commonly featured by leading sports brands such as Adidas, Under Armour, Puma, and others. 

It has also been used by technological giants like Apple and Sony. Want to picture yourself as a sophisticated brand? Go for black logo design!

Spread positivity with YELLOW

YELLOW colored logos

Yellow denotes optimism, warmth, friendliness, youthfulness, speed, and clarity.  No wonder Snapchat, your fun messaging app, uses yellow for the major portion of its logo. Yellow is an eye-catching color that encourages positivity and happiness. Some of the leading names that use yellow color logo design are Shell, DHL, Nikon, and others. 

As yellow symbolizes warmth, many brands choose it to highlight their cost-effective nature. For instance, this might be the case with McDonald’s, given their famous ‘Happy Meal’ offer. So, if fun and friendliness are your ideal ways to target your audience, yellow is your logo color.

Show your nature lover side with GREEN

GREEN colored logos

Green color stands for vitality, generosity, growth, wealth, fertility, relaxation, and shares strong bonds with nature. 

For instance, Starbucks also features a green color logo that promotes a hint of nurturing and prosperity just like nature. It represents the freshness that comes with every cup of coffee. 

Many real-estate businesses also use green because of its close association with wealth. As deep green variants represent growth, brands that are at entry-level luxury like Land Rover use them for their logos. Thus, you can choose from different shades of green to serve your eco-friendly or growth-oriented brand purpose.

Opt for ORANGE and be the fresh breeze of creativity

ORANGE colored logos

Orange signifies enthusiasm, playfulness, creativity,  happiness, and radiates friendliness.

For instance, Fanta has a bright orange logo that catches your attention instantly and delivers vibes of intensified fun. Due to its close bond with zeal and happiness, many travel companies use orange logo design. 

Orange is often associated with change too. Imagine orange skies, sunsets, and sunrises that evoke a fresh feeling. So, brands that like to set themselves as mediums of change and creativity should opt for orange. For instance, the popular motorbike company, Harley-Davidson uses orange as its logo color, which is often considered as symbolizing energy and the powerful change you experience from riding on to new adventures.

Cultivate a powerful brand impression with the right color palette!

Colors are an indispensable aspect of your branding equation. They beef up your brand presence and help enhance brand recall. Have you decided your logo color yet? 

Connect with our content and design team to discuss which color tone can best define your brand!

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