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Hello, World! We’re Plethora IT

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Hello, World! We’re Plethora IT.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Yet another digital marketing agency? As if there weren’t enough options for you to choose from! Hear us out.

With a mind-boggling number of ways to interact with your customers online, mastering your digital footprint can be daunting. The wide variety of agencies with an even wider variety of services, opinions, specializations, and approaches can be difficult to fathom. Don’t even get us started on the labyrinth of managing freelancers to handle your digital media.

In the crowded world of digital enablers, we aim to be trusted full service advisors for you – with a focus on helping you manage your digital platforms from end to end – so that you can focus on what you do best! With this goal in mind, we specialize in serving the following 3 types of businesses:

‘The Initiators’ – Startup brands who are setting up their digital presence for the first time.

‘The Expanders’ – Organisations who have been previously managing their digital activation in-house or through freelancers and are now looking to take the next step in expanding their digital footprint.

‘The Transitioners’ – Established traditional businesses who are making a transition towards more tech-savvy marketing and operations.

All right! So we specialize in serving certain types of businesses, but what makes us good? What makes us who we are? Why should you choose us?

Reason 1: We’re ‘Glocal’ –

Having clients across the United States, Canada, Thailand, India, and Singapore makes it important for us to have a broad global mindset in how we conduct business. Working with digital channels enables us and our clients to reach audiences way beyond geographical borders.

However, as marketers, this wide reach presents a unique challenge of being locally relevant. Having a team with diverse backgrounds, exposure, and skills enables us to be cognizant of local cultural contexts of audiences. Pairing this sensitivity with the in-depth research we conduct about our clients’ target markets reinforces our understanding of the market.

Being able to balance our global mindset with an understanding of local requirements makes us a truly ‘Glocal’ agency.

Reason 2: We Care. Really –

Our goal is not to merely be your digital services vendor. Instead, we aim to be a trusted advisor for all your IT related needs. We’re at our best when we function as active stakeholders in your business, delivering measurable results that help meet your goals.

Instead of cookie-cutter services, we work closely with our clients to understand the core needs of their business and amplify their unique brand identity on digital platforms. No two clients are alike, why should our strategy for them be?

These values are ingrained in our culture and form the foundation of all our client relations. When we say we care, we mean it.

Reason 3: We’re Truly One-Stop –

Conducting your business online involves mastering several platforms, technologies, and content types. We help you ideate, strategize, and implement omni-channel strategies that align with your brand objectives.

We’re also firm believers in the power of teamwork. Acting as a single window to our vast network of partners, we enable your brand to leverage technologies and competencies beyond what we do for you in-house.

The combined offerings of Plethora IT and our partner network mean that you get all your technical requirements fulfilled through – making us a one-stop solution for a plethora (you see where we get our name) of IT services.

Ready to go digital? Let’s talk! Reach us on

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