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5 Startups we met at the XXOX Sundowner Festival

The XXOX Sundowner Festival at Seven Peaks last evening was the perfect precursor to the Norway-Asia Business Summit 2023 being held in Bangkok this week.

I’ve already raved a lot about how great Seven Peaks is at hosting these events but this video in particular is about the 5 startups that pitched during the evening.

The first was GoTo Hub. They’ve built a platform that allows players in the travel, tourism, hospitality and activities space to enlist all their product and service offerings into 1 single ecosystem that opens a whole world of cross-selling and bundling opportunities for them.

The second was Visual Registration. They’re a task and resource management platform that puts a very heavy emphasis on automation.

The third was Vita Loop. They’ve launched a water bottle with a very sophisticated filtration system that’s the perfect companion for your next adventure in the wilderness.

The fourth was Acterio. They have a highly customizable software solution that’s the perfect fit for incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, and other important stakeholders in the startup ecosystem.

The fifth, and last, was Spacely AI - a homegrown Thai startup that introduces GenAI to the world of interior design.

If you’re as curious as I am about the types of businesses that are exhibiting at the Norway-Asia Business Summit this week, make sure to pay them a visit yourself and have a look. Here's the registration link:

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