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4 hacks for creating successful Facebook ads in 2022

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

As per a report by Statista, Facebook has more than 2.8 billion monthly active users worldwide. Given the huge figures, there are tons of benefits that you leverage from Facebook advertising. Be it acquiring new customers or building better brand awareness, Facebook can cover it all for you. Running Facebook ads is one of the best ways you can market your product or service online. In this article, we shall discuss some important aspects revolving around Facebook ads that can enhance your digital presence and accelerate audience engagement. Stay with us and read on.

Make way for enhanced online popularity with Facebook ads

One of the best things about Facebook ads is accurate targeting. Thanks to advanced targeting features provided by Facebook, finding the right audience for your business has become easier than ever. Targeting is performed based on age, location, gender, interests, language, and other relevant profile information. Let’s have a quick look at some of the best advantages that Facebook ads have to offer:

Achieve better business reach

Facebook ads allow you to get in front of fresh audiences. It even enables you to target your competitor’s followers. With Facebook’s “lookalike audience”, you can take a custom audience and find similar people who are most likely to purchase your product or service.

Utilize different content formats

With Facebook ads, you can use various content formats to convey your brand message to your potential customers. Some of them are images, videos, carousels, instant experiences, and others.

Set a suitable budget for your ads

Running Facebook ads does not burn holes in your pocket. Facebook allows you to set daily budgets for your ads. Daily budgets can be defined as the average amount you want to spend on an ad set each day. It enables you to choose roughly the same amount each day to achieve consistent daily results. How to create Facebook ads that can generate leads for your business?

The way Facebook targets your potential customers is unparalleled. You can also leverage retargeting ads to target users who have interacted with your page or have visited your website. Are you planning to run Facebook ads for your business? Let us provide you with some of the best tips that can help you craft the right ads.

Identify your target audience

Before you kickstart your content creation or budgeting process, it is essential to know your audience who are the most likely to become your customers and help you drive revenue. Now, Facebook allows you to target three types of audiences namely, core, custom, and lookalike audiences.

  • The ‘core audiences’ option helps you target potential customers who don’t know about your business at all. You can define such audiences based on their location, demographics, interests, behavior, and connections.

  • With the ‘custom audience’ tool, you can target people who have shown prior interest in your business.

  • ‘Lookalike audience’ helps you target people who are likely to be interested in your business.

So, first, chalk out who you want to reach out to and your objective behind it. It provides you with a clearer picture of your plan of action.

Keep your ad headline to the point

Another important key to a successful ad is good ad copy.

  • Your ad headline should be clear, crisp, and conversational so that it hooks your audiences’ attention.

  • Think about their probable pain points and then craft an ad description that presents your brand as the solution. Use the language your audience understands.

  • Last but not the least, end your ad with a prompt call to action. Make sure your CTA matches your ad objective. For instance, if your ad is about selling your product, your CTA should be something similar to ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Shop Today’. On the other hand, if your ad is an introduction to your business, your CTA can be something like ‘Know more’ or ‘Learn more.’

Experiment with different ad formats

Facebook allows you to create different types of ads such as image ads, videos, carousels, and many more. Let’s quickly delve into their details one by one.

  • Image ads - Create different ad images for different buyer personas. For instance, if you’re advertising your clothing segment for teenagers, your ad should display teenage faces. Leveraging old people’s images won’t make sense at all.

  • Videos - Facebook allows you to run in-stream video ads and also, share your ads in feed and stories. Consider crafting at least a 10-15 seconds video for getting better engagement rates. Short videos can be a total game-changer for you.

  • Carousel - Best form of content format to present your ad objective in detail. Facebook allows you to add 10 slides to create a carousel ad. You can leverage both images and videos for your carousel ads. To learn more tips about carousel ads, click here.

Prioritize mobile-friendly ad content

Do you know there are around 7.1 billion mobile users worldwide as per a 2021 study? No wonder optimizing your Facebook ad for mobiles can work wonders for you.

  • Consider turning static images into video ads with slideshows as video ads attract better attention.

  • Make sure to make vertical videos so that mobile users can easily watch full screen without having to turn their phones.


We hope our article helped you comprehend the important aspects surrounding the creation of Facebook ads. We recommend you test various variants of a creative to the same audience. This way, you’ll be able to assess which ads work for you. Then, you can scale them for optimum business profit. The right amount of research and testing can help you ace Facebook ads. So, wait no more! Start planning your course of action today. Our team can assist you in strategizing your advertising efforts efficiently and running the right ads for your business. Schedule a consultation with us here.

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